Елизавета Игдеджи ,Лидия Игдеджи ,Седат Игдеджи, Residential house by Sedat Igdeci

Елизавета Игдеджи ,Лидия Игдеджи ,Седат Игдеджи,The appartment house is built by Ltd «Sedat System», a member of the «Association of Turkish capital» in Pinsk, in the block on Savich street.
The house is built on a standard project on pile foundation. There are brick walls made with use of cellular concrete. There are 2 entrances and 5 floors in the house.

The apartments are equipped with electricity, heat, gas, water and sewage. Also there are installed toilets, metering devices of water, heat and electricity; wooden entrance doors, PVC windows, plastered walls; screed, gas stove on the floors.